How to Hold a Casting Call

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One thing I’ve been learning a lot about lately is casting.  We (the film group I’m now a part of) have been putting out casting calls in order to find trained actors for our films who are willing to work for free.  And it turns out that it’s easy to find such people, because actors need demo reels that show how well they can act.

I went to a seminar a few months ago about how to direct actors, and the instructor said that 85% of direction is casting the right people. If you just cast your non-actor friends, you’ll need like five rehearsals before you can get them play the part well enough.  And casting the right people isn’t just about finding people who can act—it’s about finding people with a good attitude, who will help and not hinder your production, and who are reliable and professional.

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Ultron And Scarlet Witch Bring The Snark In An All-New ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Clip


Just yesterday we were checking out two new clips filled with heretofore unseen footage from Avengers: Age of Ultron, and now Marvel has already dropped another clip. This one gives us our first chance to hear Elizabeth Olsen’s Russian accent as Scarlet Witch, and it hints at some major plot points, like (spoiler alert) Ultron obtaining some Vibranium (presumably with assistance from Ulysses Klaw) with which to coat himself and become an even more difficult foe. We have to wonder if this scene takes place in Wakanda.

More importantly, this scene says exactly what we think every time a villain takes a time out to explain the intricacies of their not-so-secret plan.








Where does Ultron end and James Spader even begin?

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We’re packed and ready to go, Leo Carrillo State Park

We’re making our return to Malibu’s hidden gem, Leo Carrillo state park.Last years impromptu trip went so good that we’re returning this year.But we’re going deep! Family, friends RV’s who’s better than us? We’re bigger, better and way more awesome. Don’t get me wrong I really loved the pop up trailer we rented last year. I enjoyed it so much that I’m actually purchasing one next year, but for now this 31 foot Sun Seeker is providing the luxury we lacked on our last trip

Leo Carrillo trip. RV Sunseeker
Leo Carrillo trip. RV Sunseeker


Leo Carrillo is amazing campground for newbies like me. Friendly faces every where and everyone is willing to help if you need it. It has plenty of bathrooms with showers. Hot and cold water is available if you can’t take the dust from the dirt covered road. It has a convenient local shop for essential camp stuff such as wood, ice, ointments, fire starters etc…

Fire pits everywhere.

The camping sites are lined up great. If you’re traveling in a large group like we are, getting 2 spots near by each other gives you great space to make your camp site an awesome block party.  If you travel alone or with a small group the camp ground spaces still gives you privacy even when your neighbors are on an all night rager. The woods area is spacious and it takes you away from the bright LA night life and its horrible traffic.

Leo Carrillo
Leo Carrillo

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Take a 3 block walk south and there’s the Malibu water.The beach makes a huge difference and will certainly keep the kids busy. No whining while the waves are crashing here.

Leo Carrillo, Malibu beach pic
Leo Carrillo, Malibu beach pic

Take time to check out the website but book your trip ASAP, because spots fill up quick.The ranger told me summer reservations begin in December so plan accordingly.


Leo Carrillo

35000 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265

(818) 880-0363